In Honor of the late great Captain Beefheart, Al Lover presents his latest work 'Safe as Milk Replica', a distorted reworking on the amazing first LP by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band. With each track sampled from a different song from the original record, Al Lover has created something all his own, a dusty, psychedelic, boom-bap journey into the past.

From the chunky, off kilter head nodding revision of "Zig Zag Wanderer", a fuzzed out drunken echo chamber of a track, to the driving exotic rhythms and erie 78 era phonographic tones of "Grown so Ugly", which sounds like an acid trip to the Middle East, 'Replica' throws Instrumental Hip Hop, Psych, Electric Blues & S.F. Garage, into a blender and force feeds you the Slop produced.

Created in one week of all nighters, heavy alcohol consumption, and paranoid reclusiveness the results are both gruesome and beautiful - drowned with delay, beat to death by distortion, and hung out to dry on a tambourine. A heavy cloud cover of sonic bombardment cut by thunderous crushing drums, the album is a hologram of the original seen through a shattered mirror reflecting into eternity.

Play it loud, and raise a toast to Don Van Vliet!

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